Codename Saket Envy Kalyan

Saket Envy Kalyan: Luxury living in Kalyan East. Prime location, modern amenities, and community-centric design for enriched lifestyles.


Codename Saket Envy Kalyan


1. **Location and Connectivity**: Saket Envy Kalyan enjoys a prime location in Kalyan East, offering superb connectivity to major highways, public transit, and commercial centers. Residents can easily commute or explore the city.

2. **Luxurious Amenities**: The development provides a range of luxury amenities, including a modern fitness center, swimming pools, and lush green spaces. These facilities cater to a wide range of lifestyle needs.

3. **Recreation and Relaxation**: Residents can indulge in various recreational activities within the project’s boundaries, with inviting spaces designed for both relaxation and active pursuits.

4. **Convenience and Accessibility**: With schools, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, and entertainment options nearby, daily life at Saket Envy Kalyan is convenient and enjoyable. It’s ideal for families and individuals seeking a balanced lifestyle.

5. **Comfort and Practicality**: Saket Envy Kalyan combines comfort and luxury with practical design, offering a harmonious environment where residents can live, work, and play in one place. It’s a community that fosters a fulfilling and connected lifestyle.
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Why this Property?

**Why Choose Saket Envy Kalyan?**

1. **Unmatched Location**: Saket Envy Kalyan is strategically located in Kalyan East, ensuring quick and easy access to major highways, public transportation, and bustling commercial areas. This prime location simplifies daily commutes and connects you to the best the region has to offer.

2. **Luxury Amenities**: The property boasts an impressive array of luxury amenities designed to elevate your lifestyle. From state-of-the-art fitness facilities and refreshing swimming pools to serene green spaces for relaxation, Saket Envy Kalyan offers something for everyone, whether you prefer active pursuits or leisurely strolls.

3. **Comprehensive Convenience**: With proximity to schools, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, and entertainment venues, residents benefit from a community that's not only well-equipped but also incredibly convenient. Daily errands and family outings become effortless, adding to the property's appeal.

4. **Balanced Living**: Saket Envy Kalyan is designed to cater to diverse needs, creating a harmonious blend of comfort, luxury, and practicality. It’s a perfect choice for families and individuals seeking a balanced lifestyle where work, leisure, and community can thrive in one place.

5. **Exceptional Connectivity**: The property's location ensures unparalleled connectivity to key areas, allowing residents to explore the city with ease. This feature makes it ideal for those who value mobility and flexibility in their daily lives.

Choosing Saket Envy Kalyan means opting for a property that offers the perfect mix of luxury, convenience, and connectivity, providing a supportive environment for a truly enriched lifestyle.
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Key Features

**Key Features of Saket Envy Kalyan**

1. **Prime Location**: Nestled in Kalyan East, Saket Envy Kalyan enjoys a premium location with seamless connectivity to highways, public transit, and key commercial zones. This strategic positioning ensures easy access to work, schools, shopping, and entertainment.

2. **Luxury Amenities**: This residential project stands out with its wide range of luxury amenities. Residents have access to a contemporary fitness center, inviting swimming pools, and tranquil green spaces. These features cater to various lifestyle needs, from fitness enthusiasts to those seeking relaxation.

3. **Convenience and Accessibility**: The property is located near schools, shopping centers, medical facilities, and entertainment options, allowing residents to meet their daily needs without hassle. This comprehensive accessibility makes it an ideal choice for families and busy professionals alike.

4. **Modern Living Spaces**: Saket Envy Kalyan offers stylish and well-designed residential units, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment. The interiors are thoughtfully planned, providing functionality and elegance to suit contemporary living.

5. **Community-Centric Design**: The project promotes a sense of community with its integrated spaces for social interaction and recreation. Whether it's a casual walk in the gardens or a gathering with neighbors, the property fosters a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

6. **Excellent Connectivity**: With its convenient access to transportation networks and major thoroughfares, commuting and traveling are a breeze. This connectivity ensures residents can explore the city and beyond with ease, adding to the overall appeal of Saket Envy Kalyan.

These key features make Saket Envy Kalyan a standout choice, offering a harmonious blend of luxury, convenience, and community for a fulfilling lifestyle.
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  • 500 sqft Carpet
  • ₹42.5 Lakhs Approx
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  • 700 sqft Carpet
  • ₹62 Lakhs Approx
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  • 531 sqft Carpet
  • ₹₹49.99 Lacs* Only Saket World Tower
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  • 1062 sqft Carpet
  • ₹₹99 Lakhs* Only Saket World Tower
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  • 1080 sqft Carpet
  • ₹₹1.23 Cr* Only Saket World Tower
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  • 962 sqft Carpet
  • ₹₹85 Lakhs* Only Saket World Tower
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Codename Saket Envy Kalyan, Thane, Kalyan, 421306, Maharashtra







Luxury amenities, prime location, and excellent connectivity make Saket Envy Kalyan the ideal residential project in Kalyan East.


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