Flat For Sale in Thakurli

Discover Metro Pride's luxurious living experience! From lush landscapes to wellness amenities, elevate your lifestyle in Thane's bustling landscape.


Flat For Sale in Thakurli


Nestled within the dynamic enclave of Kalyan East, Metro Pride stands tall as an epitome of opulence and serenity. Crafted by the renowned Metro Group, this lavish venture sprawls across a lush 0.58-acre expanse, boasting 214 residences comprising a blend of sophisticated 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments meticulously tailored to suit refined sensibilities. Every dwelling within this enclave is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, seamlessly blending contemporary allure with pragmatic functionality.

What truly sets Metro Pride apart is its enviable location. Perfectly positioned with easy access to arterial thoroughfares such as Kalyan-Shil Road and Kalyan-Murbad Road, this enclave ensures effortless connectivity to Thane and beyond. Its proximity to educational institutions, medical facilities, retail hubs, and transportation nodes enhances the daily living experience, promising a lifestyle defined by convenience and comfort. Anticipated to be completed by December 2023, Metro Pride not only offers a residence but also an invitation to embrace a lifestyle characterized by sophistication and ease.

The interiors of Metro Pride exude an aura of refinement, meticulously curated to elevate everyday living. Sun-kissed interiors flood the living spaces with natural radiance, granting breathtaking vistas of the bustling cityscape and verdant panoramas. The gourmet kitchen beckons culinary exploration, while the sumptuous bathrooms serve as private sanctuaries for relaxation. Thoughtfully designed layouts foster an ambiance of tranquility, ensuring each homecoming is a rejuvenating experience. Furthermore, an array of amenities including state-of-the-art elevators, round-the-clock security, backup power supply, and ample parking elevate the standard of living. Recreational zones and indoor gaming facilities add to the allure, promising residents a life brimming with leisurely indulgences, making every moment spent at Metro Pride an unforgettable journey.
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Why this Property?

### Why Choose Metro Pride? Unrivaled Location and Luxury Living

Metro Pride offers an exclusive gateway to urban luxury in the heart of Thane, combining impeccable design with unmatched connectivity. Situated in Kalyan East, this project by the Metro Group benefits from a strategic location, offering residents swift access to major thoroughfares like Kalyan-Shil Road and Kalyan-Murbad Road. This prime position ensures that schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and public transport, including a forthcoming metro station, are within easy reach. The convenience of this location significantly enhances daily life, reducing commuting time and offering a vibrant urban experience.

The essence of Metro Pride is in its superior construction and dedication to excellence. With 214 units available, the project offers a range of 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments, varying from 487 to 636 sqft. Each unit is thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and practicality, featuring semi-furnished interiors crafted with high-quality materials. This commitment to quality ensures that residents not only have a stylish home but also one built to last. The new launch status of the project is a unique opportunity for early investors to secure a property with strong growth potential, as Thane's real estate market continues to flourish.

### Embracing Elegance and Smart Investment

Metro Pride is more than just a collection of homes; it's an invitation to embrace a lifestyle of elegance and modernity. The interiors are crafted to provide ample space and an open atmosphere, with large windows that bathe the rooms in natural light and offer stunning views of the city and surrounding greenery. The kitchens are modular, designed for both beauty and functionality, while the bedrooms and bathrooms serve as tranquil retreats. Beyond the apartments, residents enjoy a suite of amenities tailored for contemporary living, including high-speed elevators, 24/7 power backup, comprehensive security, and ample parking spaces.

For those seeking a smart investment, Metro Pride presents a compelling choice. The upward trajectory of real estate prices in Thane indicates that the property's value is likely to appreciate, providing an excellent return on investment. Additionally, flexible payment plans and financing options make acquiring a unit accessible and convenient. Metro Pride represents not just a place to live but a reflection of a lifestyle that balances comfort with urban sophistication. Investing here is a step toward a future where luxury and convenience meet, providing a solid foundation for growth and success.
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Key Features

### Metro Pride's Signature Features: Elevating Everyday Living

Metro Pride redefines the standards of luxurious residential living, offering a suite of premium amenities designed to create a unique and vibrant community experience. The focus on detail and quality transforms this residential project into an extraordinary living environment. Here are some of the standout features that set Metro Pride apart, ensuring that residents have access to a lifestyle that exceeds expectations.

**Lush Landscapes and Tranquil Gazebos**  
At Metro Pride, the lush green spaces are a testament to the commitment to providing a serene and aesthetically pleasing environment. The beautifully landscaped turf area is an invitation to enjoy morning strolls, yoga, or simply basking in the beauty of nature. This peaceful setting is complemented by a collection of gazebos, offering idyllic spots for relaxation and socialization. The gazebos are perfect for quiet contemplation, casual gatherings, or even intimate family picnics, making them a cherished addition to the community's amenities.

**Luxurious Swimming Pool and Modern Multipurpose Hall**  
The resort-style swimming pool at Metro Pride brings a touch of tropical luxury to the complex, providing a perfect escape from the daily grind. Its sleek design and well-maintained facilities create an inviting atmosphere for a refreshing swim or lounging by the poolside. The multipurpose hall, another remarkable feature, adds versatility to the amenities. This spacious hall can be used for community events, private parties, or other social functions, enhancing the sense of community within Metro Pride.

### Wellness and Entertainment: Where Health Meets Happiness

Metro Pride is dedicated to promoting wellness and offering residents a rich social life. The following features are designed to support a healthy lifestyle and encourage community interaction.

**Comprehensive Fitness Center and Tranquil Yoga Studio**  
The state-of-the-art fitness center at Metro Pride caters to fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Equipped with modern exercise machines and workout stations, it provides residents with everything they need to stay in shape without leaving the complex. Adjacent to the gym, the tranquil yoga studio offers a serene space for meditation, yoga, and other wellness activities. These facilities encourage residents to embrace a healthy lifestyle in a comfortable and supportive setting.

**Stylish Lounge and Community Clubhouse**  
Metro Pride's stylish lounge serves as a welcoming space for residents to relax and socialize. With its contemporary design and comfortable seating, it's the perfect spot to meet neighbors or enjoy a quiet moment with a book. The community clubhouse expands the possibilities, offering a venue for larger gatherings, parties, and events. Its flexible design accommodates a range of activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the residents.

Metro Pride isn't just a place to live—it's a community that encourages interaction, wellness, and luxury living. With a diverse range of amenities, Metro Pride creates a residential experience that goes beyond the ordinary, making it a coveted destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of comfort, wellness, and community.
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