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Welcome to Mangeshi Universe: A Tranquil Oasis in Ambivali

Experience a new level of luxury and serenity at Mangeshi Universe, an exclusive residential development nestled in the heart of Ambivali. Spanning 10 acres of lush landscapes, this grand project is designed to offer a peaceful retreat from the bustle of city life. With modern 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments, Mangeshi Universe is the epitome of elegance and comfort, making it the perfect place to call home.

### A Lifestyle Tailored for Royalty

Mangeshi Universe redefines luxury living with its 12-floor complex of carefully designed apartments. Each apartment is crafted to provide a seamless blend of comfort and sophistication, featuring spacious layouts and deck balconies. The units come with premium fittings like branded vitrified tiles by Kajaria, POP ceilings, and Vaastu-compliant design, ensuring a harmonious living environment. Additionally, each flat boasts its own terrace balcony, providing a private outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

### An Ideal Location with Top-Notch Amenities

Located in Ambivali, Mangeshi Universe is strategically positioned to offer convenience and connectivity. Residents have easy access to a range of facilities and utilities, making it one of the most desirable addresses in the area. The development is equipped with world-class amenities, including:

- 24/7 water supply and backup electricity
- CCTV surveillance for enhanced security
- Covered car parking and a gated community
- Fire safety systems
- Intercom for efficient communication
- Landscaped gardens for tranquil walks
- High-speed lifts and rainwater harvesting
- Dedicated security personnel
- Efficient waste disposal systems

### A Community That Feels Like Home

The thoughtfully designed layout of Mangeshi Universe promotes a sense of community while maintaining the privacy and exclusivity of individual residences. It's the perfect environment for families, professionals, and individuals seeking a calm and secure place to live. The development's master plan fosters a strong connection with the surroundings, offering residents a unique blend of neighborhood charm and personal space.

### Ready for Possession

Mangeshi Universe is nearing completion, with possessions for the A wing set for March 2023 and the B wing in December 2022. If you're looking for a luxurious yet peaceful abode in Ambivali, Mangeshi Universe is your ideal choice.

Discover your sanctuary at Mangeshi Universe—a place where luxury meets tranquility, and where you can truly feel at home.
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Why this Property?

### Why Choose Ambivli for Your Next Home?

Ambivli, nestled in Kalyan within Thane district, is rapidly emerging as a sought-after residential hub. This vibrant locality is split by the central line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway, creating distinct Ambivli East and Ambivli West neighborhoods. Known for its affordable multi-storied residential complexes, Ambivli is a growing area with a strategic location that benefits from excellent connectivity to key industrial zones and major cities like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane. The area is surrounded by other prominent residential localities, including Shahad, Titwala, and Ulhasnagar, adding to its appeal.

### A Nexus of Accessibility

Ambivli boasts a robust physical infrastructure that makes commuting and travel convenient for its residents. The central railway line provides direct access to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane, with Ambivli railway station serving as a critical transit point. In addition to railway connectivity, the locality is linked to the Mumbai Agra Highway (NH 160), facilitating easy travel to Thane and other eastern suburbs.

For those who prefer road transport, Kalyan Shil Road offers smooth connectivity to surrounding areas. The KDMT bus service operates frequently, providing public transport to various parts of Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Ulhasnagar, and Badlapur. This extensive network of transport options ensures that residents have multiple avenues for commuting, reducing travel stress and improving overall convenience.

### Proximity to Key Landmarks and Airports

Ambivli's strategic location brings it within close proximity to significant landmarks and airports. It is situated approximately 50 km from the Mumbai International Airport, making it accessible for frequent flyers and business travelers. The under-construction Navi Mumbai International Airport, expected to be a major aviation hub, is about 45 km away, further boosting the area's connectivity and future growth prospects.

### Ideal for Modern Living

With its blend of affordable housing, strong connectivity, and proximity to industrial and commercial areas, Ambivli is a perfect choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle. Whether you're a working professional commuting to the city, a family looking for a well-connected neighborhood, or someone interested in the potential for property appreciation, Ambivli offers a compelling mix of factors that make it a desirable place to live.

Investing in property in Ambivli means gaining access to a thriving community with a promising future. Its well-developed infrastructure, transport links, and closeness to major urban centers make it an ideal location for both living and investing.
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Key Features

### Mangeshi Universe: Where Luxury Meets Convenience

Mangeshi Universe stands out as a premier residential development, offering a comprehensive suite of modern amenities designed for luxurious living. This meticulously planned project provides a wide array of facilities to ensure a comfortable and secure lifestyle, including:

- **24/7 Water Supply and Backup Electricity**: With uninterrupted utilities, you can enjoy a worry-free life without concerns about water or power shortages.
- **Advanced Security Systems**: Equipped with CCTV cameras, gated community access, and professional security personnel, Mangeshi Universe prioritizes your safety and peace of mind.
- **Fire Safety and Intercom Systems**: The project incorporates the latest fire safety measures and a reliable intercom system to ensure quick communication and emergency responses.
- **Covered Car Parking**: Secure parking spaces are available, protecting your vehicles from the elements and providing convenience.
- **Landscaped Garden and Lift**: Enjoy beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces for relaxation and high-speed lifts for effortless vertical transportation.
- **Rainwater Harvesting and Waste Disposal**: Mangeshi Universe is designed with sustainability in mind, featuring rainwater harvesting systems and efficient waste disposal to minimize environmental impact.

### Strategic Location and Connectivity

Beyond the extensive amenities, Mangeshi Universe offers an unbeatable location in Ambivli, surrounded by essential urban conveniences. You will find yourself in close proximity to top-rated schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and tech parks, ensuring that your daily needs are met without long commutes. This prime location allows you to spend less time on the road and more quality time at home with your family.

### Quality Construction and Architectural Excellence

The project has been designed by internationally renowned architects, ensuring a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality. Mangeshi Universe features a range of 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments, with layouts that maximize space and natural light. The entire development spans 0.88 acres, providing ample space for residents to enjoy the amenities and green areas.

### A Smart Investment

Mangeshi Universe not only offers an affordable luxury living experience but also presents a sound investment opportunity. With its strategic location, extensive amenities, and quality construction, the project is poised for value appreciation over time, making it a wise choice for both homeowners and investors.

In summary, Mangeshi Universe is a place where modern amenities meet convenience, security, and comfort. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a luxury lifestyle in a well-connected urban setting without compromising on safety or sustainability.
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  • 459 sqft BuiltUp
  • 340 sqft Carpet
  • ₹29.99 Lacs*
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  • 594 sqft BuiltUp
  • 440 sqft Carpet
  • ₹38.99 Lacs*
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  • 823 sqft BuiltUp
  • 610 sqft Carpet
  • ₹52.51 Lacs*
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Discover Mangeshi Universe, a luxurious residential project in Ambivli. Enjoy 24/7 utilities, security, covered parking, landscaped gardens, and a strategic location near schools, hospitals, and shopping.


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