Mangeshi Imperial in Kalyan West, Mumbai

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Mangeshi Imperial in Kalyan West, Mumbai
Mangeshi Imperial in Kalyan West, Mumbai

Welcome to The Residences at Lumina Grove: Where Opulence Harmonizes with Security Welcome to The Residences at Mangeshi Imperial, where luxury seamlessly intertwines with security. Our opulent interiors boast custom-designed entrances, premium vitrified tiles, and elegant false ceilings, creating an ambiance of refined sophistication. Meticulous safety measures, including smart access controls and comprehensive CCTV surveillance, ensure your peace of mind at all times. Enjoy state-of-the-art amenities such as high-speed elevators and standby power systems, complemented by our commitment to environmental stewardship with rainwater harvesting and eco-friendly paints

Opulent Interiors:

Custom-designed main entrance
Premium vitrified tiles throughout
Decorative false ceilings and gypsum-finished plaster
Aluminium sliding windows for durability and aesthetics

Meticulous Safety Measures:

Smart access control systems
Video intercoms and comprehensive CCTV surveillance
Balcony safety railings and fire suppression systems

State-of-the-Art Amenities:

High-speed elevators with auto-rescue mechanisms
Standby power systems for uninterrupted service

Environmental Stewardship:

Rainwater harvesting systems
Advanced sewage treatment plants
Eco-friendly exterior paints for longevity and energy efficiency

Smart Connectivity Solutions:

Internet, DTH, inverter, and AC point provisions
Future-ready for home automation integration

Holistic Recreational Facilities:

Tranquil spaces for relaxation
Active amenities for fitness and community engagement

Resilient Construction:

Earthquake-resistant RCC framework for safety and security
Thoughtful layout optimization for space and functionality

Why Choose Us?

Prime Location:

Vibrant neighborhood with convenient access to amenities
Tranquil surroundings for relaxation

Unmatched Craftsmanship:

Premium materials and meticulous attention to detail
Elegant interiors exuding luxury and refinement

Comprehensive Safety:

Cutting-edge security features for peace of mind
Robust safety measures integrated into design

Environmental Consciousness:

Commitment to sustainable practices for a greener future
Initiatives like rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment

Luxurious Lifestyle:

Array of recreational amenities for a balanced living experience
Investment in an enriched way of life, not just a residence

Distinctive Attributes

  1. Signature Interior Elegance
  2. Premier Safety Protocols
  3. Cutting-Edge Amenities
  4. Environmental Stewardship
  5. Smart Connectivity Solutions
  6. Holistic Recreational Facilities
  7. Resilient Construction
  8. Thoughtful Design Philosophy

With these distinctive attributes, The Residences at Lumina Grov transcend mere accommodation—they epitomize a meticulously curated community dedicated to safety, sustainability, and style.

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