Mangeshi Tulip Kalyan West

May 05, 2024 - by New Construction in Kalyan West


Mangeshi Tulip Kalyan West
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Phone : 7021988393 / 8055000190
WhatsApp : 9323241069
- Luxurious Haven: Mangeshi Trinity, crafted by Mangeshi Group, epitomizes luxury living with world-class amenities.
- Prime Location: Nestled in Kalyan, this project offers easy access to essential amenities and is well-connected to the city.
- Modern Architecture: The apartments are designed with modern architecture, focusing on natural light and ventilation for a comfortable living experience.
- Abundant Facilities: Residents enjoy a range of facilities including a gym, swimming pool, children’s play area, and more for a convenient lifestyle.
- Top-Notch Security: With 24/7 security personnel, CCTV surveillance, and separate entrances for each block, residents experience utmost safety and privacy.
- Tranquil Surroundings: The spacious apartments provide peaceful living with breathtaking views and ample cross ventilation.
- Family-Friendly: Mangeshi Trinity promotes family bonding with large, spacious homes and dedicated spaces for leisure and recreation.
- Affordable Luxury: Offering a blend of modern living, serene surroundings, and unmatched connectivity, Mangeshi Trinity provides a luxurious lifestyle at reasonable prices.
- Masterpiece Amenities: Residents enjoy a fully equipped gym, cafeteria, swimming pool, landscaped garden, play area, clubhouse, and more, ensuring a comfortable living experience.
- Lavish Interiors: The apartments boast lavishly designed interiors with meticulously crafted details for a splendid living experience.
- Harmonious Environment: Surrounded by greenery and cool breezes, Mangeshi Trinity offers a serene and harmonious living environment for its residents.

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