Saket Envy Possession | Saket Envy Kalyan

Apr 24, 2024 - by newconstructioninkalyan


Saket Envy Possession | Saket Envy Kalyan
Saket Envy Possession | Saket Envy Kalyan

  • Saket Envy:

    • Developed by the esteemed Saket Group, renowned for its 25 years of legacy in crafting exemplary living spaces.
    • An embodiment of luxury and sophistication, Saket Envy stands tall as a testament to the group's commitment to excellence.
  • Exclusive Offer:

    • Take advantage of an exclusive limited period offer tailored for those seeking premium living experiences.
    • Enjoy the rare opportunity of acquiring your dream home without the burden of GST, stamp duty, registration fees, or floor rise charges.
  • Luxurious Living:

    • Indulge in opulent living at Saket Envy, where luxury knows no bounds.
    • Experience unmatched comfort and convenience with a plethora of modern amenities designed to elevate your lifestyle.
  • Spacious Residences:

    • Discover the epitome of space and elegance within the confines of Saket Envy's residences.
    • Revel in the grandeur of the most spacious and luxurious project in the vicinity, offering ample room for both relaxation and entertainment.
  • Variety of Options:

    • Choose from a range of meticulously designed 1 & 2 BHK residences, each offering a unique blend of style and functionality.
    • Explore the innovative concept of deck homes, seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor living spaces for an enhanced living experience.
  • Pricing Details:

    • Avail yourself of the opportunity to own a 1BHK residence with a carpet area of 500 sq.ft., starting at approximately 42.5 lakhs.
    • Alternatively, opt for a more expansive 2BHK residence with a generous carpet area of 700 sq.ft., starting at approximately 62 lakhs.
  • Prime Location:

    • Nestled in the thriving locale of Kalyan East, Saket Envy offers the perfect balance of tranquility and connectivity.
    • Enjoy easy access to essential amenities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment hubs, ensuring a fulfilling lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

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